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European Tourism Day Carraro LAB

On May 5, 2023 at the Charlemagne building of the EU Commission in Brussels, the European Tourism Day returns after 5 years. Carraro LAB has been invited to present case histories and innovative applications of Meta-Tourism, through a technology installation that will include:

  • Immersive Booking: booking travel and services by interacting in virtual previews of hotels and accommodations
  • Meta Congress: convention events extend into the metaverse in phygital mode
  • Time Travel: cultural tourism becomes an immersive time machine
  • Meta Mirror: a large screen becomes a showcase and digital signage where users are mirrored in virtual destinations
  • Immersive website: destination promotion becomes an immersive experience with 360 drone footage, immersive videos of events
  • XR skill: the immersive workshops for professional training in tourism, enabled by a platform of Innovation Design, Workplace Simulation, Future decoder.

Carraro LAB installation at European Tourism Day, European Commission building in Brussels

The installation will consist of several technological setups: a big screen dedicated to Meta Mirror experiences, some seats with VR visors for virtual experiences, a station connected with Immersive Booking and Immersive Website, and one dedicated to Meta-Congress and the video ci presentation of XR Skill. The display reproduces several solutions implemented by Carraro LAB at tourism promotion organizations, museums, train stations and professional educational institutions.

Meta-Tourism solutions have been developed by Carraro LAB in coherence with the EU Commission’s guidelines on metaverse, adopting the public webXR standard, in compliance with EU principles, with a Phygital and specialized utility-oriented approach for the sector, in the direction of the new digital Bauhaus, indicated by Thierry Breton.

The European Tourism Day will be an opportunity to take stock of EU tourism policy in the context of the green and digital transition, to follow up on the Tourism Transition Path and share best practices for its co-implementation.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, will engage with tourism stakeholders in the opening debate.

The European Tourism Day will be a one-day, high-level meeting in attendance from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 5, with the possibility of being followed by an additional audience via web streaming. La sessione sarà tradotta simultaneamente in inglese, francese, tedesco, italiano e spagnolo. 

On the occasion of European Tourism Day 2023, the European Commission is organizing an orientation debate to discuss the resilience of the tourism ecosystem, and three roundtables, each of which will focus on several important aspects such as twin transition and workforce retraining in the EU tourism ecosystem.

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