Carraro Lab

10 International Awards
for digital culture

Carraro LAB develops Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality platforms in the fields of education, tourism, culture and marketing

Immersive Academia
AI and XR for technical and vocational education

XR edulab
platform for immersive education

Virtual Exhibitions
fairs and major events in the metaverse

AR and VR for cultural heritage
immersive solutions for cultural heritage

International Digital Culture Awards

Carraro LAB has won 11 awards in Europe and the U.S. for digital culture publications and projects

Events and projects with international relevance
  • The Meta Tourism exhibition realized at the European Tourism Day 2023 in Brussels at the invitation of the EU commission
  • The virtual reality platform for Expo 2015 with virtual applications for participating countries: Slovakia, Turkey, Slovenia, Uganda, Qatar, Switzerland, France
  • The 3D App "Rome virtual history", top ten selling Ipad store USA, presented by Steve jobs in the iPad2 keynote in 2011
  • The Brixia Time Machine project, winner of the Avicom award in Budapest and presented by Google to the EU parliament in 2016
  • More than 150 multimedia titles, from History to Arts, Sciences, and Encyclopedias, including the multimedia encyclopedia Omnia, a best seller in Europe

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