Digital technologies for Export

The impending waves of digital innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet Of Things, offer considerable opportunities for the internationalization of businesses. Hence the proposal byCarraro LAB: developing a Competence Center on digital innovations for export.

During many years of experience, particularly in the exhibition sector, B2B directories and digital marketing, Carraro LAB has developed expertise in innovative technological solutions.

There are at least three categories of economic operators that can use the different digital export solutions:

  • business aggregators
  • top brands
  • small and medium-sized enterprises
1) Digital platforms for business aggregators

BTB aggregators play an important role in the international promotion of companies:

  • Trade fair centres and specialized events
  • Trade associations
  • Institutions for international promotion, Chambers of Commerce
  • Banks and financial operators
  • Industrial districts and supply chains

They already network SMEs by building critical mass and creating collective export platforms that are now mainly physical (e. g. trade fairs, trade missions) but can quickly become digital.

Carraro LAB has developed various solutions for aggregators and enterprise networks:

  • Smart Catalog Fiera Milano: a unique case history at an international level: the fair catalogue becomes an aggregator of multimedia contents and a search engine that integrates the exhibitors' sites. To increase visibility, generate contacts and acquire new buyers.
  • EXPO 2015 Virtual Tour: the platform has created the first mass experience of Virtual Reality, involving 1 million people during the international exhibition, in the promotion of Italian territories and brands. The multi-channel platform (web, Mobile and VR) is available for new initiatives.
  • Casa Italia in St. Petersburg: the best of Made in Italy presented at the 2016 Eurasia summit with a great immersive installation. With virtual technologies, collective exhibitions can increase their impact on the international public
2) Solutions for brands

The top brands are normally already organized to face internationalization, through the classic channels. More rarely, however, they adopt digital channels, and even less so the most innovative technological solutions.

Carraro LAB offers innovative solutions for internationals marketing:

  • Virtual and augmented reality. Communicating with innovation: in the context of the global network, content dissemination is increasingly pervasive and massive, hence the need to seek innovative and distinctive solutions for communication and marketing. The use of innovation in the early stages of technology adoption offers the advantage of attracting attention and developing news initiatives. In this context, virtual and augmented reality technologies represent the emerging trend. It is possible to create, for example, advertising spots and campaigns and product packaging, enabled by AR and VR
  • Augmented Exhibitions and events: even the exhibition set-ups, congress events, press meetings and product launches can be enhanced thanks to virtual and augmented reality
  • Web VR Web: the third dimension of digital identity: many Italian sites are still on Web 1.0, others are riding Web 2.0. But Global Internet Companies have already set the next standard for Internet 3.0: the web VR. Hence the opportunity to evaluate the creation of new generations of sites and corporate APPs
  • Virtual and augmented catalogues: new technologies such as photogrammetry and 3D scanners are enabling the creation of 3D catalogues of e-commerce products, which will for the first time be three-dimensional
3) Services for the internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises

Carraro LAB, also through its partners, has developed a wide range of digital services for SMEs, including.

  • 10,000 search engine optimization services, including international search engines
  • 80,000 company videos, also multilingual, with a synchronization system up to 25 languages (for TIM, Europages, Seat)
  • 200,000 websites published through the Yellow Pages network
  • 3,000 Corporate Mobile APPs published on Apple and Google global stores

Among the new types of digital services for export, which are about to be enabled by innovative technologies, we mention: Automatic translation: developments in artificial intelligence are making computerized translation effective, which in a few years' time will exceed human translation. Only 5.5% of the world speaks English natively, but customers are looking for products and services in their own language. Google also rewards results in local languages. E-commerce platforms already offer packages of automatic translations. The imminent improvement of automatic translators will be a great opportunity for Italian SMEs, which are currently disadvantaged by language barriers

Adaptive customization and pricing: thanks to data analysis on prices, inventory and demand, an algorithm can adapt the product price in real time to the state of the market. For quality Made in Italy, it is possible to increase sales and profits. Reducing price pressure typical of marketplace comparators.

Presence in global platforms (Marketplace, Social, Research Engines): in the current global scenario, Italian companies can develop an "Over The Platforms"strategy. Thanks to advanced services, you can: plan and optimize the offer on marketplaces (opening of shop windows, lead generation, ecommerce), manage the presence on Social Media (Content Marketing), position yourself on search engines (SEO, search ADV). Some examples: Do you want to create a shop in Alibaba? For which companies is Amazon effective in the USA? We monitor the success of the channels. Is Youtube not visible in China? Upload your videos to a channel on Youku Tudou.

Contact Carraro LAB to submit your digital internationalization needs, we can share consolidated solutions or design innovation projects within companies.